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West Godavari devotees visit Srisailam temple | The Hindu

A group of 200 devotees of Velurupadu mandal in West Godavari district visited Srisailam temple, had darshan of the presiding deities and offered prayers on Monday, as part of the “Divya Darsanam” tour programme taken up by the Endowments Department.

Temple priests and officials welcomed the group of devotees and provided them darshan of Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy and Sri Bhramaramba Devi. Priests blessed and gave them Vibhudi, kumkum and laddu prasadam.

They came to the temple in a religious tour of several temples organised for poor devotees by the Endowments Department, according to a press release.

‘Vendi Rathotsavam’

Meanwhile, temple priests lit a row of oil lights under the Sahasra Deeparchana programme and took the utsav idols of the presiding deities on a silver chariot under the ‘Vendi Rathotsavam’ programme on Monday.

Sakambari fete

The idol in the sanctum sanctorum of Sri Bhramramba Devi temple, utsav idols, Sri Rajarajeswari Devi, village goddess Sri Ankalamma, the Simha mantapam and dhwajasthambham of Srisailam temple were decorated with a variety of vegetables, leafy vegetables and fruits as part of the Sakambari utsavam on Ashada Purnima on Sunday.

Puja was performed for sage Veda Vyas in Sri Akkamahadevi mantapam in the temple premises on the occasion.

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