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Ujjain: Mahakaleshwar unveiled in five looks after Shivratri

To celebrate the occasion of Shivratri, Mahakaleshwar appeared in nine different looks from February 19 to 24.

According to the tradition, lord Mahakal appeared in five different looks on the second day of Falgun shukla paksh, on Tuesday. This occasion comes once in a year and thousands of devotees gather to get a glimpse of Mahakaleshwar in this unique avatar.

Mahakaleshwar appeared in five different masks of Manmahesh, Shivtandav, Holkar, Chhabina and Uma Mahesh on February 28. On this occasion, the evening pooja was performed early at 3 pm, and then jyotirlinga was adorned with the masks. Devotees visited till 11 pm to take a glimpse of Mahakaleshwar in five mask shringar.

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