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Temple that cures Skin and eyes sight related ailments | Ishta Devata

Sivachariyaar who worshipped Lord Shiva in this temple, had two daughters of whom Suseela was the elder one. She married the son of the court poet. He travelled across the country visiting several Shiva temples and returned many years later. By that time, Suseela had lost her beauty and eyesight to measles. Having seen her plight, her husband thought of marrying her younger sister who had beautiful looks and refused to accept Suseela as his wife. A dejected Suseela cried out her plight to Lord Shiva in this temple.

Lord Shiva moved by her tears, advised her to take a dip in the temple tank on the new moon day of Tamil month of Thai (January-February). Having done what the Lord instructed her, marks on Suseela’s body made due to measles had vanished. Both her beauty and eyesight returned. Lord Shiva, along with Goddess Umayaval appeared to Suseela’s husband and said “Aval thaan Ival” (meaning she is the same person) pointing towards Suseela. From then onwards, this place came to be known as Ival Nallur.

Lord Shiva, who stood witness to Suseela’s transformation, was called Satchinathar. In the sanctum sanctorum, the deity is in the form of a Suyambu linga along with his consort in a testifying form. Special prayer in this temple is from morning 8.30 to 9.30. Devotees take a holy dip in the Pushkarni (temple tank) on Thai new moon day, receiving blessings from Satchinathar.

Taking a holy dip in this tank during Thai new moon day and continuous devotion to Lord and Goddess for one Mandalam (48 days) cures skin diseases and eye defects. Also, worship of Seven Maidens on Tuesdays is special. Praying to Twin Vinayakas (Clockwise and Anti-clockwise) during Sankatahaara Chathurthi (fourth month of lunar calendar) days destroys all problems and brings prosperity. One can reach Aval Ival Nallur from Kumbakonam via Ammapet. It is a distance of 8 kms from Aavoor, one of the Pancha Bhairava places.

Place : Aval Eval Nallur

Presiding Deity: Satchinathar

Goddess: SoundaraNayaki

Pond: Chandra Theertha Pushkarani

Sthala Viruksham: Paadiri Tree

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