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A temple in Chittorgarh that stands incomplete for centuries | Times of India

UDAIPUR: Chittorgarh, one of the most visited historical destinations of Rajasthan, is not only known for its forts and palaces but also for its ancient temples. The city is known for some of the most beautiful temples in the state including the ones of Meera Bai, Sanwariyaji and Kumbha Shyam temples.

However, not many people know about a magnificent temple that stands incomplete for centuries. ‘Adbudhnathji ka Mandir’. As the name itself denotes, it is an amazing temple with the ‘Trimurti’ face of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

The temple was built on the lines of one in Ellora having a massive ‘Trimurti’ idol as the main deity. “The construction of this temple is believed to have taken place during the reign of Maharana Raimal (1472-1509), who was a patron of art and culture, however, he had a turbulent time warring with the invaders and, thus, couldn’t get the temple completed. Later, his successor Maharana Sanga too was involved in war with Babur and the temple could never see completion,” says historian Shri Krishna Jugnu, author of many books related to Mewar’s history.

There are many legends about the temple. People believe the stone used to build the structure is of three colours. The stones radiate yellow and golden colours during morning and evening while they appear white during noon hours. “Though it is an ASI protected monument, however, there are no boards or much information about the architecture. It is said that the sculptors used stones from the nearby Mandalda village. The sculptors are believed to be of the Sompura clan that originated from Maharashtra,” Jugnu claims.

The Sompuras are a sub-group of the Brahmin community who constructed temples in Maharashtra and later moved to Gujarat. Their style of architecture is evident at various places from Ellora to Somnath temples and many parts of Mewar region.

The Adbudhnathji temple is an architectural wonder with ‘herione based’ carvings on the entire structure. Female characters are depicted in postures like dancing, playing, singing on the intricately carved stone pillars. However, for some unknown reasons, the main Shikhar of the temple and its peak at the Sabha Mandap weren’t completed. The temple is an attraction for visitors who are wonder-struck to see the beauty and serenity surrounding the area.

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