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Telangana Govt set to breath life into Siva temples | The Hans India

Hyderabad: The decrepit temples in the state are all set to get a fresh lease of life as the Telangana Archaeology Department has embarked on a restoration mission. In the first phase, three temples in Jayashankar Bhupalapally district have been identified for restoration at a cost of Rs 2.6 crore.

The work on the Siva temple dating back to 850 years and built during the Kakatiyas has already been launched and it is estimated to cost Rs 1 crore. Speaking to The Hans India, Telangana State Department of Archaeology Director N R Visalatchi said, “Restoration of the historic temple is being taken up after 30 years and it would be turned into a live temple.

The temple is strategically located and comes alive during Samakka-Sarakka jatara and Katammas jatara. It would become one of the most popular temples in the region.” The roots of an old neem tree have penetrated into the outer walls of the temple and knocked down the walls. The last time some repair works were undertaken was in 1972 when an Archaeology office was opened in Warangal, but after that due to lack of funds no repairs were taken up.

Special officer of Archaeology department, Rangachary said, “The temple built with red sand stone consists of garbhagira, antarla and closed mandapa with porches on three sides.” Another dismantled temple at Kondaparthy, which is known as Kondiparthy Nagare and served as the headquarters during the Kakatiya period also is going to be reconstructed.

Archaeology Director Visalatchi insisted that it was reconstruction and not restoration. The work on Kondaparthy and Ramanjapur temples would be taken up at a cost of Rs 80 lakh each within a fortnight.

Officials said once these temples come back to life there would be a lot of benefit economically as these temples are located along the route to major jataras.  The temples are located 40 km from Warangal and on the highway to Mulugu.

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