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Rebirth for temple pond at Sreekrishna temple in Muttannur | Matrubhumi

Riding on the goodwill of a village and its believers, the ancient temple of Muttannur, has revived its temple pond. The temple, where the reigning deity is the adolescent Lord Sree Krishna, is known to be centuries old and was apparently under the control of the Ottayikkara illam. With time the temple fell into ruin and recently the revival process got underway with astrological guidance and the appointment of Tharananellur Padmanabhanunni Namboodirippadu as the head priest.

The ‘Balalaya prathishta’ was conducted in 2001 and on June 13, 2010, the ‘punaprathishta’ functions were also held in a six­day long festival from June 10­15. The temple pond renovation marks the completion of the revamp exercise at the temple. The temple pond, believed to be as old as the temple itself, was in a state of disuse and recently the temple administration spent Rs. 17 lakhs for its renovation. It took a whole year for the work to be complete and the new structure is safe from run off water inundating it.

The temple pond was finally opened on March 18, 2017. A ‘swarnaprasna chinta’, ‘prasadasadya’, ‘sahasradeepam’ and ‘samarppanasadassu’ were also held as a part of the celebration. A twenty­member administrative committee headed by President T V Venu and Secretary K K Sreedharan run the everyday affairs of the temple. Ekkottillam Anoop Namboodiri is the head priest. The temple is a 150 meter walk from the Mavinchottil bus stop (after the Kololam stop) on the Kannur­ Chalodu­ Irikkur road.

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