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Dry tank leaves deity immobile in float festival | Times of India

TRICHY: With no water in the Srirangam temple tank, a stationary float festival was conducted as part of the annual float festival observed during the Tamil month of Masi on Tuesday.

Unlike the previous years when the presiding deity circled the temple tank of Srirangam in the specially decorated float, the presiding deity was kept stationary on a specially decorated Nilai Teppam. The main event of the float festival that began on February 28 was observed on Tuesday.

The presiding deity started from the temple around 7pm and reached the tank at Mela Vasal in Srirangam. Speical poojas were performed after installing the deity in the decorated and illuminated float.
“All efforts to raise the water level by at least 1 feet went in vain. Four bore wells had been dug and water from these wells were poured into the tank but it did not help much,” said a senior official from the Sri Ranganathaswamy temple at Srirangam.
Shortage of rain has created a drought like situation in the region, resulting in quick percolation of water to prevent stagnation in the tank, said the official.
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