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Arrangements at ‘Sani’ temple – The Hindu

Elaborate arrangements have been made for the devotees visiting Sri Suyambu Saneeswara Temple at Kuchanur near Chinnamanur for Aadi festival which commenced on July 16. Thousands of pilgrims are expected to visit the temple on the third Saturday of the Tamil month (July 30), the important day of the 29-day-long festival. The festival will conclude on August 13.

‘Sakthi Karagam’ will take place on that day. Special puja, abishekam and aradhanas will take place on all Saturdays.

In a press release issued here on Tuesday, Collector N. Venkatachalam said a team of 25 persons had been constituted to remove the clothes discarded by the pilgrims in the river near the temple. Six temporary toilets and four permanent toilets had been constructed at a cost of Rs. 1.6 lakh.

A changing room had also been constructed on the temple campus.

The entire road leading to the temple from the riverbank had been renovated, and sufficient sanitary workers deputed to clean the surroundings round the clock, he added.

Security up

Three dome cameras and eight CCTV cameras had been fitted at vantage points within and outside the temple to ensure foolproof security. Three ambulances had been kept ready to handle emergency cases.

Information centres with public addressing system had been set up at the temporary bus stand and on the temple campus to pass information to the public.

A special police control room that would function round the clock had been set up on the temple campus to guide pilgrims, he added.

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