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Jal sansthan is likely to issue notices to 3 dharmashalas for draining sewage into Ganga

HARIDWAR: Jal sansthan is likely to issue notices to three dharamshalas including Multan Bhawan, Gudar Akhara Bhawan and Bhatia Bhawan at Haridwar for releasing tonnes of solid waste and untreated water into the Ganga river.

“Notices are being issued to them in this regard and they’ll be asked to get the sewer lines properly connected. If they fail to do it, strict action will be taken against them as per rules,” Maintenance branch junior engineer Rajesh Chauhan said.

The sansthan conducted a survey of the residential buildings, hotels and dharmashalas on the Ganga bank between Laltaro bridge and Mayapur bridge a few days ago.

The sewage from all these buildings goes into the river through a pipe. It is alleged that the sewer line laid by Bhatia Bhawan carries the sewage of many other adjoining buildings as they have illegally connected their sewer lines to it.

According to reports, the maintenance branch had earlier found about 20 other residential houses polluting the river by letting their sewage flow directly into the Ganga. Notices were also issued to them, but no action was taken.


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