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Ganga rising enormously due to heavy rains in hills of Uttarakhand – Times of India

Kanpur: Ganga is on an enormous rise following heavy rains in the hills of Uttarakhand. In the past 24 hours, the level of water at Ganga barrage has gone up both in the upstream and the downstream of Ganga. The steep pace in rise of water level has alerted the district administration. The villages in Katri belt have been put on alert.While Ganga was flowing at 112.20 metre mark in upstream on Sunday, it surged to 112.63 metre mark on Monday. In the downstream, Ganga was at 111.09 metre on Sunday which increased to 111.40 metre in 24 hours. The level of Ganga is expected to rise further as 1.18 lakh cusecs of water which had been released from Narora dam on Sunday is expected to reach barrage on July 20. When this water would be released further, it would further increase the water level in the downstream of the river.

This 1.18 lakh cusecs of water discharge was around 20 times more than the amount of water released in the lean period in the peak summer season.

There is also an increase in discharge of water from Haridwar. While 1,68,252 cusecs of water was released from Haridwar on Sunday, another lot of 1.60 cusecs was discharged on Monday.

The water from Haridwar would be reaching Narora dam in three days and from here the water would be further discharged for Kanpur. The water from Narora dam would be reaching Kanpur in next three days.

With an increase in the water discharge from the two places, the barrage administration has also opened all the 30 gates to allow the passage of water in the downstream of the river. The river has spread wide and submerged all the sand dunes that were visible till last month. The river is flowing at a rampaging speed taking along everything that is coming its way. The fishermen at barrage have also become alert while sailing on the river waves.

With each passing day, more and more quantity of water is being released from barrage. The discharge from Ganga barrage on Sunday was 58,488 cusecs of water and on Monday a whopping 94,376 cusecs. The higher discharge of water from barrage would affect Allahabad and water level would rise there.

Though the water level is still much below the danger mark of 114 metre at Ganga barrage but the pace with which the level is increasing, the Ganga can enter the villages of Katri region. This situation has alerted the villagers who stated that they will not leave their houses and cattle till water reaches their village and there is a threat.

Two days ago a team of Armymen had inspected Ganga barrage and Katri region to see the situation. The army personnels had met the divers who had been camping on the bank of Ganga at barrage and inquired about the situation. The district administration has already readied the army for plunging into action if the water enters the Katri villages.

At barrage no one is allowed by the policemen and the divers to get down the barrage to take a selfie keeping in view the rampaging flow of the river.

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