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Dearest Swamiji, Why did the creator make us forget our Prarabdha during the birthing process?

Paramahamsa Nithyananda has unveiled a historic dimension of his mission during the daily morning satsang viewed by thousands online, with the launching of SACRED SECRETS OF LIFE – Akashic Readings on the deepest truths of Birth, Death, Love, Beauty, Meditation and more.

Akashic Records are the mystical energy records of all the events that have ever happened, are happening and will happen in the cosmos. But the key to decode them correctly is in the hands of a very few enlightened beings. Now, Paramahamsa Nithyananda is opening up this infinite cosmic library for the benefit of Humanity. This process is known as Akashic Readings.

Mokshapriyan: Dearest Swamiji, Why did the creator make us forget our Prarabdha during the birthing process? Would life not have been more in tune with the cosmic will if everyone remembered their Prarabdha?

Swamiji: Creator did not even allow your birth. Your birth is your independent decision to rebel against the Creator, against the Source. As your very decision to be born is against the will of the Source, it is not the Source which made you forget your praarabdha. It is your individual decision to deny every truth from the Source. You just decided to deny the Whole as completely. The part has decided to go against the Whole and reject the Whole completely. Because it is your decision to shun away from all the truths of the Whole, you decided to forget your praarabdha. Your praarabdha is nothing but the quickest easiest conscious experiences through which you can flow and reach the Whole and remember you never partici you never were a separate part from the Whole.

So it is not the Creator who made you forget your praarabdha. It is your strong, rebellious mind which decided to say no to the whole creation. That made you forget the praarabdha. Now the more you accept the existence as it is, the more you accept the various kaleidoscopic experiences of different consciousness happens in you as it is, you will realize your praarabdha. This is the process Mahadeva wants to initiate all of you. I tell you all, by sitting for 21 days without moving from a place and witnessing all the different states of consciousness happening in your body and mind and inner space, you reach a space where praarabdha become seen, perceived, experienced directly by you.

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