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Is transparency necessary in Corporate – Q & A with Paramhamsa Nithyananda

In our series “Q & A with Masters”, we are bringing one another important question that a spiritual person and a business man at same time may face this situation in his life. Paramhamsa Nithyananda, an enlighten master from India answers this question

Question from a Devotee:

Tiger clark: In what ways might extreme transparency preserve and promote the highest purpose of an organization?

Swamiji: Tiger Clark, First thing, the extreme transparency  is not the way for outer world life.  Be very clear, only when you are working with an enlightened being,  for enlightenment, you need extreme transparency.  That also,  with the root of the  patterns, you may need to open up some of your past thoughts, present actions, future plans, to see the route of the thought pattern.  But otherwise, for the outside organization, a corporate company or an organization, extreme transparency is not the basic value, because every moment you are changing, you have so much of mood swing.

Understand, in an organization, others need to respect that you are a stable person. With master,  whether you are stable or having mood swing, both need to be open.  Only with an enlightened being, when you are working in a spiritual sangha,  towards enlightenment complete transparency is required.  Otherwise,  in a normal organization, no need for it, because, morning you have one mood swing, by evening you have another one mood swing, by night you have another one mood swing.

In organization, you don’t need to make all this transparent. Because, then no one will trust the other one, it will become completely unstable. The stability will be lost. Only with the spiritual work, master needs to know, your stable instability and instable stability. Some people are established in instability, very stably.  Some people are established in stability, unstably.  Whether you are constantly unstable or constantly stable, or constantly unstable only once in a while you become stable, or constantly stable, only once in a while you become unstable, extreme transparency may be required only with an enlightened being for you to become enlightened, only so that he knows the route of the thought pattern, he can clear it.

Only in the highest purpose of individual, and guru disciple relationship, extreme transparency is required.  In organizations, outside, like corporate companies, it is not required.  Because, you yourself are not clear to know what you are, then what will you show to others? Morning you have some idea, and evening you have some other idea, night you have some other idea. You are just a chaos, so which side of the chaos you will show to the other person, which side of chaos, you will be transparent. For example now you are depressed, if you tell everybody you are depressed, that is transparency, no, even that idea you are depressed is not complete. One side of you will say, no I will come out of it by tomorrow morning, if you tell everybody, you are not depressed, that also may be true, because that part is also there alive in you, only with an enlightened being you need to open completely,  I feel depressed, I also feel, I may come out of it, I also feel one moment its all useless, I also feel, depression is very thick.  This kind of an extreme transparency is required only for enlightenment in the guru disciple relationship.

In the outer organization, you don’t need an extreme transparency. The totality of you, how finally it gets perceived by you and others, if that much transparency is there, it is enough.  That is enough, nothing more is required.  Tiger Clark, only in the individual’s  higher purpose like enlightenment and guru disciple relationship you need extreme transparency, not in the so called social organization or corporate organizations,  and the transparency is dangerous in political organisations.  In political organizations, transparency is not going to help, very dangerous.  Social organizations, it may not be dangerous, but it is not going to help you much. But in the guru disciple relationship, complete transparency may be very helpful, very powerful, for you to become enlightened.  I tell you, just by being completely transparent with the guru, you will never loose anything, it may appear like you may loose, you will never loose anything.

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