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What kind of incentives and measurement systems could we devise to encourage internal entrepreneurs and nurture a varied portfolio of opportunities – Q & A with Paramhamsa Nithyananda

In our series “Q & A with Masters”, we are bringing one another important question that a spiritual person and a business man at same time may face this situation in his life. Paramhamsa Nithyananda, an enlighten master from India answers this question.

Question from a Devotee:

Radha Chandra: What kind of incentives and measurement systems could we devise to encourage internal entrepreneurs and nurture a varied portfolio of opportunities.

Swamiji: It is a very beautiful question,  Radha Chandra, create an ambience, where knowledge and creativity is celebrated. I tell you this can happen. This can happen only a person,  who owns and takes maximum responsibility of the organization itself is celebrating knowledge and creativity.

You see,  I myself celebrate consciousness, and conciseness in unique ways like  deities.   Because I myself celebrate, whoever is inspired, impressed by me, they also start celebrating, otherwise I know thousands of our devotees, started bowing down to the deities after connecting with me. Before that, they will go to the temple to see, not to worship.  Only now, deity means something real to them in their life, because I celebrate in unique ways, in certain ways I see people who are  inspired by me are also celebrating.

Same way a person who owns the place, who takes the responsibility, if he celebrates, then the creativity, the internal entrepreneurs,  the varied  portfolio opportunities, it will all start expressing. Radha Chandra, many times people try to encourage these things just by incentives and money. I don’t think, money always plays major role in this, the very mood of the lifestyle plays the major role. Mood of the lifestyle. Just yesterday I received the information,  five of our brahmacharis are going to Madurai adheenam, to help the sannidhanam to help Madurai adeenam for some work, I myself spoke to Swamiji also.

He was  so happy to see modern day youngsters so honestly, so authentically following the spiritual traditions. Swamiji was telling, I was really shocked when he told me. He said, “Swamiji, I can not understand, how humble, honest, truthful, spiritual all the five sanyasis you sent.” But one thing, before these guys went, I told “Aye, it is Meenakshis palace, you will hear Meenakshi’s anklet sound, Jasmin smell, have her darshan. All brahmacharis had.  All the brahmacharis. They are saying, “Sometime it is frightening, because late night three-four hours all of us are able to hear, not just one. And if we close our eyes, we  see the tall form, greenish color”, these guys are describing.

Hundred years atleast, see hundred years, more then hundred sixty years the period Meenakshi was in the body, atleast hundred years she lived in the palace. Because fifty sixty years went around in travel, and she went to all the countries and war and all that.  At-least hundred years. The present adheenam area was the palace and the present garbha-mandir was the darbar, Rajya sabha where she used to sit and conduct the court. The present adheenam area, that area was the bedroom, where she used to stay, Meenakshi only was running the whole kingdom.

See, the very ambience I created,  has evolved the standards. Constantly reminding, constantly celebrating, because constantly the tapas is celebrated here, constantly, the serving is celebrated here. Sacrifice is celebrated here, that kind of ambience is created. See here,  I have created this whole ambience, by the way of life, otherwise, no other thing can make this into reality, the possibility.  Radha Chandra, no other incentive or measurement system can help encouraging internal entrepreneurs or nurturing the varied portfolio opportunities. Only way of life, only celebrating the internal entrepreneurs, and celebrating the varied portfolios. Only celebrating will help. Nothing else.

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