Holi is one of those festivals that defines India for the rest of the world, in part because it’s so visual. Technically a celebration to mark the end of winter, and a thanksgiving for the harvest, Holi has become known for the playful part: a carnival of colour-throwing. And because the tradition is so colourful, it also makes for great videos.

Take the video above shot at a Krishna Temple in Utah which bills itself as the world’s largest Holi celebration. While the claim is suspect, the video certainly manages to capture the beauty of the colours.

There are videos for viewers looking to gauge what the festival is all about and even a glimpse into Vrindavan’s (where Krishna grew up and where people start celebrating at least a week before the festival) celebrations through the eyes of its residents, especially children doused in bright colours.

Even the Planet Earth team from BBC Earth couldn’t resist filming the festival in Jodhpur last year, calling it probably the most colourful festival in the world. Mark MacEwen from the team is seen recording scenes from the festival.