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Spiritual film fest begins at Ujjain – Times of India

Spiritual film Fest

Indore: With changing times, Simhastha, one of the largest known religious gather ings on earth, is not only restricted to religious verses and holy dips, but devotees can now enjoy a series of spiritual theme-based movies directed by national and international directors.

A first time initiative, an International Spiritual Film Festival (ISFFI) is being held at Sim hastha in Ujjain from May 1 to May 4 where 12 spiritual and consciousness based movies and 20 documentaries will be showcased followed with talk shows and interactive sessions. All India Films Directors Organisation (AIFDO) is using Simhastha as a platform for promoting and marketing films based on spiritual themes across the world.

The four-day long film festival will showcase movies such as ‘Manjhi’ directed by Ketan Mehta, ‘The Answer’ by Pavan Kaul, ‘I am not a Hair Dresser’ by Lee Hyung-suk, ‘Of Gods and Men’ by Xavier Beauvois and ‘A Bohemian Musician’ by Rochak Sahu, among others.

The film festival was inaugurated by the minister in-charge Bhupendra Singh and was attended by renowned film makers such as Ketan Mehta, Pavan Kaul, Raja Sen and Sushant Shah.


Source: Spiritual film fest begins at Ujjain – Times of India

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