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Fun and joy filled the air in Gokulashtami celebrations – The Hindu

Grand festivities:Uriyadi festival underway at Edaiyarvalasai near Ramanathapuram. — Photo: L. Balachandar

Religious fervour, special worship and enthusiasm marked the celebration of Gokulashtami, popularly known as Janmashtami, the annual celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna in the district on Thursday.

Special worships in Krishna Temples, Uriyadi (breaking of pots tied at convenient height filled with gifts), children visiting homes, dressed as Lord Krishna and folk dances added colour to the festival in many villages.

The celebrations began with flag hoisting in villages such as Puthanenthal, Pattinamkathan, Idayarvalasai and Achundanvayal. Hundreds of Hindus visited the tastefully decorated Krishna temples at Idayarvalasai and Kamboothi and offered special prayers. They also made special dishes and sweets and offered them to Lord Krishna.

In villages, children dressed like Lord Krishna visited houses and offered blessings to the inmates. People reverently welcomed the children by washing their feet and took them inside their houses, ensuring that the kids, worshiped as Lord Krishna, left behind their footprints inside the homes. People offered worship and performed ‘abishekams’ in Krishna temples after taking out ‘Mulaipari’ (sprouts of grains) and milk-pot processions.

Elsewhere in the district, fun and joy filled the air as men and women smeared colours and splashed colour waters. Traditional events such as ‘Vazhukku maram’ (climbing on a slippery pole with women splashing turmeric water), ‘Uriyadi’ and folk dances were organised in villages as part of the celebrations.


Krishna Jayanthi or Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna, was celebrated with religious fervour in all Krishna and Vaishavite temples in Dindigul and Theni districts on Thursday.

Abishekam and special pujas were performed to the main deity and utsavamurties at Sri Krishnan Temple at YMR Patti in Dindigul and Sri Venugopalswamy Temple in Palani.

Sri Gopinathaswamy was taken in a procession through several villages in Reddiyarchatram union in Dindigul district. Several villages wore a festive look to welcome the Lord.

‘Uriyadi thiruvizha’ (striking a pot hung from a tall pole with a stick) was the centre of attraction of this festival at Sri Gokula Krishnan Temple in Andipatti. Several youths took part in the rural sport. The temple officials hung a pot containing butter and cash prizes in a rope tied to a tall pole.

When the youths tried to hit the pot with the stick, others pulled the pot up. At last, a youth broke the pot and collected the gifts contained in it.

Similarly, ‘Vazhukku maram’ (climbing slippery pole) event was arranged at the temple as part of the festival. Sathish Pandi of Thimmarasanaickanur scaled the pole and grabbed the gift bag, containing Rs.1,001 and new clothes, tied at the tip of the pole.

The village committee offered a cash award of Rs. 5,000 to him.

A feast was arranged for devotees at several temples.

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