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Delhi gets arty for Yoga Day | Times of India

For those crossing Chanakyapuri these days, being stuck in traffic and looking out of their cars’ window has become more pleasure than pain, thanks to the Delhi Street Art Group which is painting a meditation-themed wall in the area.

The wall in Chanakyapuri painted by the Delhi Street Art Group (BCCL/ Ajay Kumar Gautam)

After collaborating for the ‘yoga subway’ in central Delhi a year ago, the NDMC and Delhi Street Art Group have again joined hands to paint Delhi’s walls ahead of International Yoga Day. This time, however, their main project is to beautify a temporary wall-like structure near the upcoming National Police Memorial in Chanakyapuri. This one aims to promote yoga.

(BCCL/ Ajay Kumar Gautam)

The group’s members tell us that since International Yoga Day is coming up, they decided to paint the wall with meditation as the theme. A member says, “The surroundings are quite peaceful and are suitable for the theme of meditation.” Yogesh Saini, founder of the group, tells us, “We are getting an amazing response in Chanakyapuri. During the rush hour, people stop to click photos of the mural. A number of commuters have asked us if this wall will stay here permanently. But it’s not a permanent wall, it will be shifted to some other place after two-three months.”

(BCCL/ Ajay Kumar Gautam)

The ongoing project is quite a hit with commuters, many of who stop by the road to click photos. DK Gujjar, a commuter who stopped to enquire about the mural, said, “These graffiti-coated walls are so soothing to look at. It is such a delight to see these colours and designs in this area. Besides, it also cuts the monotony.” Another commuter, Baani Sanwaria, said, “Such art projects near the roads add a feel to the area. Even though Chanakyapuri is not Lodhi Art District, but the wall art makes it look quite beautiful.”

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