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10 Iconic Places Outside India Where Ratha Yatra Is Celebrated | Mycitylinks

Apart from being celebrated originally at the majestic city of Puri in Odisha, here’s a list of the iconic cities outside India where the festival of Ratha Yatra is observed gallantly.

1. San Francisco, USA

Almost 49 years ago in 1967, the first Ratha Yatra outside India was celebrated in the city of San Francisco. Interestingly, until today, the people of this city rejoice in the festivity with utmost grandeur!

San Francisco Ratha yatra jagannath

Source : Dandavats

2. Prague, Czech Republic

Every year on Ratha Yatra, the streets of Czech capital, Prague are dotted with devotees who are seen pulling a 40-foot-high chariot carrying the idols of Lord Jagannath, Balabhdra and Subhadra. This crowd is also ardently followed by a procession of singers, musicians and dancers who revel in the festivity all along.

3. Durban, South Africa

Ratha Yatra firstly embraced the Durban shoreline in 1988 and is celebrated vibrantly ever since. Infact, besides the usual chariot parade, many other cultural activities featuring local & international artistes grace this spiritual day!

4. Rome, Italy

Even Italian devotees are no less in thronging and dancing down the streets in adoration of the Lord. It was way back in 1981 at the Tuscan town of Viareggio when the first Ratha Yatra in Italy was held. The image below depicts the debut Ratha Yatra celebrations in Italy’s capital, Rome.

5. Brisbane, Australia

Amidst colorful singing & merrymaking, the occasion of Ratha Yatra is honored in the beautiful city of Brisbane. And the cultural fiesta which ends up this jubilant street procession is worth witnessing!

6. Moscow, Russia

Here’s a splendid view of Ratha Yatra observance in Moscow wherein nearly 200 Russian devotees braved the severe 20 below zero weather and snow fall to pull the deities blissfully. Truly a sight to behold!

7. Bhaktapur, Nepal

Ratha Yatra in Nepal is spectacularly celebrated in the city of Bhaktapur. One can even visit the Jagannath temple in Kathmandu which miraculously survived the massive 2015 earthquake.

8. Florida, USA

It’s thrilling to view the colorful & decorative chariots being pulled through the beautiful beaches of Florida on the auspicious day of Ratha Yatra. With classical dance & music centering the chariots, the feel of this festivity gets elevated all the more!

9. London, England

The famous Trafalgar Square is filled with vibrant colours of the chariots as huge crowd gather every year to blissfully celebrate Ratha Yatra!

Source : dandavats

10. Auckland, New Zealand

Ratha Yatra is also famously celebrated in the beautiful city of Auckland. True to its fame, the devotees’ dance in front of the chariots take place with full fervour!

Source : skcondesiretree

By tracing some of the best Ratha Yatra celebrations held across the world, we can deduce that Lord Jagannath is undoubtedly the supreme Lord of the Universe! 


Source: 10 Iconic Places Outside India Where Ratha Jatra Is Celebrated | Mycitylinks- Bhubaneswar | Cuttack | Puri

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