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When its time for Jihad, anti-India forces join hands in the heart of Karachi

A report released by a Brussels based thinktank has termed Karachi as the hub of anti-India activities. The report titled, “Pakistan: Stoking the fire in Karachi” was released by the International Crisis Group.

It speaks about how easily jihadi elements are able to carry out their activities right under the nose of the security agencies. Groups such as the Lashkar-e-Taiba and the Jaish-e-Mohammad are linked to the madrasas. They enjoy the support of the Pakistan army, the report also states.

The report speaks about how Karachi has always been spared by the law enforcement agencies during a crackdown on terror. This is because of the Pakistan policy called the “Good Jihadi, Bad Jihadi.” The Lashkar-e-Taiba and the Jaish are part of the ‘Good Jihadi’ group and hence their activities, which are very prominent in Karachi, have always been spared.

Further the report also speaks about how anti-India activities are always planned in Karachi. Their activities can be seen the most at the time of Indo-Pak tension. Every time there is an agenda to be carried out against India, especially Kashmir, these groups join hands in the heart of Karachi and plan operations, the report also states.

Jihad is a job in Karachi. The terror groups tap into the homes where unemployed youth are housed. They are roped in for these activities, the report states. These youth earn a living and hence Jihad is a job in Karachi, the report also states.

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