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SHOCKING … More Violence Against Hindus in Bengal !!

Kaligram is a small village in Chanchal Sub Division in the Malda District of West Bengal. It is 60 kilometres away from the porous Bangladesh border. With a population just over 19000, this is a Muslim dominated village. Hindus form a minority here. And they spend every single day in fear of their lives & those of their wives, mothers & daughters.

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More Bad News

Earlier today, a mob of 10000 Muslims launched a huge attack on the Hindu inhabitants. The rioters were heavily armed with sharp weapons, such as swords, lathis, & other small arms. They beat up Hindus & molested women. Several Hindu men have sustained severe injuries. The moment the word got around, Hindus of other mohallas of Kaligram started waiting for the attack. The Mob then ransacked the Kaligram market. Several Hindu houses were razed. Not a single Hindu house was spared, nor were even women & children!

The second worst part is that the police were silently watching on as the reign of terror was unleashed on the minority community (the worst obviously being the deafening silence of the mainstream media about the matter). The police were not just, totally outnumbered & ineffective, but appeared to be scared. The mob used guns & bombs, injuring 2 police personnel. The situation is totally out of control of the police & the administration. Apparently, reinforcements have been called in from Raiganj. The prominent, soft spoken Hindu Leader from West Bengal, Shri Tapan Ghosh, shared the details of the incident on the social media. Mr. Ghosh is also the Founder President of Hindu Samhati.

The local leaders from Congress, Communist Party & the ruling party, Trinamool Congress are, in fact, shielding & facilitating the rioters. The administration & police have simply washed their hands off the responsibility to provide protection to the victims & were behaving like Trinamool Cadres instead!

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The Backdrop

Last year on 23rd October, there was a similar attack on the Hindu community. Not just last year, but the year before too! This has become a ritual in Kaligram. Muharram celebrations are followed by violence, arson & bloodshed every year. Pakistan flags were unfurled & slogans such as ‘Pakistan Zindabad!’, ‘Hindu ko maar daal!’ were chanted in a horrid manner. Women were molested & harassed. Shops were vandalised. There was heavy stone pelting on men & Durga idols.

Last year too, the police & administration were silent spectators. During the reconciliation meeting convened by the administration later that day, it was decided that no weapons would be allowed during the Tajia this year & the number of participants would be capped to 100. However, that was clearly not the case this year. The same night, there was similar incident.

Once a prosperous village, Kaligram today presents a sad state of affairs. A comprehensive report published in the British tabloid, Dailymail has made some startling revelations. How the district has become the epicentre of drug cultivation, Bangladeshi infiltration, human trafficking, & communal violence is comprehensively covered in the above linked article.

The State Government is allowing this to happen. We need to act before it is too late.

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