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Minor Hindu girl abducted for conversion to Islam in Bangladesh

Dhaka, March 29, 2016: Minor Hindu girl who was abducted for forceful conversion to Islam in Bangladesh has been recovered but the problems are far from over.

The name of the minor Hindu girl is Pushpa Rani Chatterjee, 16, who was kidnapped on 10.03.2016 from Nosipur High School and College at Dinajpur District by several Islamists.

The names of the perpetrators are

1) Mohammad Shaheen Hossain (22)

2) Mohammad Akbar Ali (23)

3) Mohammad Zabbar Ali (26)

4) Mohammad Nayan (22

5) Mohammad Hossain (19)

6) Md. Faruk (22)

But the problems are still not over as she is in judicial custody and the Magistrate Dinajpur detained her for forceful conversion to Islam raising doubts that she may be handed over to her abductors as happened in the case of Pakistani Hindu girl Rinkle Kumari who was handed over to her abductors with the help of the judiciary.

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The minor Hindu girl was abducted when she was coming returning to her home from her college on 10th March, 2016 at about 12.30 p.m.

Muslim perpetrators intercepted her and forced her into a white color Micro Bus and took her to an unknown destination. Shree Narayan Chatterjee (53) father of the victim girl lodged an F.I.R. at Kotwali Police station at Dinajpur town.

Police recovered the victim girl with the help of Bangladesh Minority Watch Team, Dinajpur Chapter, on 21.03.2016 and the victim girl is now under the jurisdiction of court of Dinajpur.

It is here that the problem arises because BDMW has reported that the Muslim Magistrate supervising the case is telling the victim to not to go back to her parents.

The communal attitude of the Magistrate is not new but is illegal even by the country’s law which discriminate minorities.

During cross examination of victim Bangladesh Minority Watch representative Kamal Karmakar was present in the room of Magistrate.

Bangladesh Minority Watch has expressed concern over the communal approach of this Judicial Magistrate and has demanded that such indoctrination should be investigated while the minor Hindu girl must be handed over to her family.


Source: Minor Hindu girl abducted for conversion to Islam in Bangladesh

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