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India takes up recurring ‘Attack on Hindus’ issue with Bangladesh.

Status of minority Hindus in Bangladesh & brutal attack on them, has now been considered as an important concern in Indian Parliament too.

Confirming that Hindu minorities have been targeted in neighbouring Bangladesh, the Centre on Wednesday (Feb 8) clarified that it has taken up the issue with the Government of Bangladesh.

Minister of State for External Affairs Gen (retd) Dr VK Singh in a Lok Sabha reply said that sporadic incidents of violence against members of the minority community and on their properties and places of worship have been reported in Bangladesh.

Two BJP MPs had put up the question to the External Affairs Minister regarding the ‘Status of Hindus in Bangladesh’ on Wednesday, Feb 8.

Through unstarred Question No. 987,  Shri Om Birla (BJP MP from Kota-Bundi constituency of Rajasthan) and  Shri Chandu Lala Sahu (BJP MP from Mahasamund constituency of Chhattisgarh) wanted to know:

(a) whether Hindus in Bangladesh are allegedly undergoing harassment;

(b) if so, the details thereof including the response of the Government in this regard;

(c) whether the Government has initiated any talks with Bangladesh Government for safety and security of minority Hindus there; and (d) if so, the details thereof and if not, the reasons therefor?

Minister of State for External Affairs Gen (retd) Dr VK Singh in a Lok Sabha reply said:

“The Government of India closely monitors incidents targeting the religious, socioeconomic and political freedom and general well being of minorities, including Hindus, in Bangladesh. India’s concerns and sensitivities with regard to such incidents have been conveyed to the Bangladesh Government.

“The primary responsibility for the protection of life, liberty and property of all citizens of Bangladesh, including minorities, rests with the Government of Bangladesh. The Government of Bangladesh has made it clear that it takes these attacks very seriously and that stern action would be taken against the perpetrators”.

Interestingly, when Two non-Bengali MPs from Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh has paid a concern on the tortured Hindus in Bangladesh, no Bengali MPs from West Bengal (including two BJP MPs  from Bengal) showed  any little responsibility to raise such issue in Parliament!

Upananda Brahmachari, Editor, Hindu Existence and prominent Hindu Rights Interlocutor congratulated the BJP MPs from Kota-Bundi and Mahasamund to raise the important issue of “Hindu Persecution in Islamic Bangladesh” in Indian Parliament in a very right manner.

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