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Bangladesh : Jihadis steal ancient idol and valuable items from an ancient temple – Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

  • One more example of increasing attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh !
  • Indifference shown by mass media in the name of their so-called secularism towards attacks on Hindus must be condemned !

Rajbari (Bangladesh) : There is a Shrikrushna Mandir in Rajbari district of Bangladesh which is about 300 years old, known as Shri Radhanath Mandir.  It is owned by a Hindu family named Chattopadhayay and is famous in the area. Recently, the temple was burgled and it was found that idols of Deities and other valuable items were stolen from this temple. It is not the first time that such theft has occurred in this temple.

1. In the year 1994, the ancient, 300 years old, idol of Shrikrushna was stolen. Chattopadhyay family lodged complaint and tried their best to get back the idol but to no avail.

2. Later, the family got another idol made and consecrated it in the temple; but in the year 2004, even that idol was stolen.

3. In 2005, new idol was installed; but in June 2015, thieves entered the temple by breaking iron doors of windows and stole gold and silver ornaments put on idols.

4. In July 2015, thieves broke iron grills and entered the house of Chattopadhyay; stole valuables from their house as also two two-wheelers.

5. On 9th February, Dweependranath Chattopadhyay wrote a letter to Bangladesh Government and international community informing about the constant attacks and injustice done to them.

6. It has been stated that the reason behind such thefts is to demoralize the family and they are even getting threats for life.

7. Dweependranath has clearly stated that it was deliberate harassment so that the family would leave their house and it would be easy to grab their property.

8. He has even expressed doubt about local political leaders’ involvement in such incidents.

9. The family members met local MP Jullul Hakim and senior officers from Prime Minister’s office in this connection and submitted representation to them.


Source: Bangladesh : Jihadis steal ancient idol and valuable items from an ancient temple – Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

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