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Bangladesh : JIhadis attack Hindus to grab their lands

Police do not file cases due to terror of political leaders !

Dhaka : On 18th February, fanatics attacked house owned by Shri. Jagadish Chandra located near Thakurgaon Sadar bus-stand in Thakurgaon district. The construction undertaken at this place was damaged by fanatics on the instructions of a big leader from Awami League. Police took no action although the incident was very grave, , informed advocate Rabindra Ghosh, the President of ‘Bangladesh Minority Watch’, a pro-Hindu organization. (Owing to advocate Rabindra Ghosh, information on Hindus’ oppression becomes known to the world. – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

Shri. Jagadish Chandra has been staying here for last 30 years. There is a grave yard adjacent to his house. He therefore, started work of erecting fence around his house to avoid inconvenience; but a leader of Awami League did not like this and with the help of few hooligans, he drove away workers erecting fence; brutally beating Shri. Jagadish Chandra. Shri. Jagadish Chandra has been admitted to hospital at Thakurdar Sadar. Local Hindus suspect of a ploy of fanatics to grab Hindus’ lands.

On hearing of this incident, advocate Rabindra Ghosh contacted in-charge Police Inspector of Thakurgaon police station. He informed Ghosh that the incident did happen; however, the reason behind the same was not religion but it was personal rift. Shri. Jagadish Chandra, though, stated that he could not even lodge a complaint with police because political leaders were involved.


Source: Bangladesh : JIhadis attack Hindus to grab their lands-Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

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