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Amazon stops sale of Doormats with images of Hindu deities ultimately | Hindu Existence

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Amazon withdraws global sale of doormats depicting Hindu deities under severe Hindu protest.

Under a severe repercussion of global Hindus over the “Amazon online sale of doormats with the Hindu god and goddesses”, the  E-commerce giant has ultimately stopped the selling of the controversial doormats and removed the concerned advertisements etc from its all allied sites.

Since Saturday last, the trending of #BoycottAmazon put a pressure upon the company but the technical initiatives from Hindu Existence Forum on Sunday started a vehement campaigning with a caution to the company with an ultimatum as “Ganesha Doormat in Amazon. Hindus must boycott Amazon online shopping“, where it was clearly said, #BoycottAmazon . We have no responsibility of us if the Amazon Bangalore office and their franchises all over India are attacked for their misdeed…..

Good enough to report that Amazon online has ultimately turned down the Hindu Deity Doormat selling, honouring the Hindu sentiments enraged globally.

Actually, the devout Hindus on net expressed their hardest protest challenging the modality of Amazon without caring Hindu veneration for the followers of the world’s oldest practicing faith.

While Razan Zed, the renowned Hindu mentor based US protested the ‘Amazon ignorance’ for the heights and significance of Hindu Deities for its followers; Upananda Brahmachari, the fire-brand Hindu leader of India and the Editor of Hindu Existence website inspired the Hindu people to chase Amazon people if the issue is not settled favouring the Hindu sentiment.

When the matter was taken to Facebook timeline of Amazon India by Upananda Brahmachari, some Hindu activists immediately cautioned Amazon for the ‘ulterior motive’ by the company as ‘playing with fire’ of Hindu sentiments.

Subhas Mitra wrote: Amazon , I would go a step further in condemning you . Did you come here to do business or further the cause of Italians, evangelical Churches ,Al Qaeda , ISIS etc? Your procurement and sale teams are not made of BRIAN DEAD people,i’m sure. The companies who are producing these did not do so without an assured marketing or rewards from anti Hindu organisation. All non Hindus (who can handle such huge infrastructure) are not ignorant . If you have come here to ulterior motive I presume it is time to start counting months if not days.

There Rupam Bhattacharya wrote: Amazon India must understand that if they continue to do this kind of anti hindu things in future there can b severe repercussions. And for that law & order problem it alone will b responsible . Don’t play with fire. Tell ur policy maker morons that they need to device genuine honest methods to sell their products.

The Nepali friends of Hindu Existence Forum also reacted over the matter very appropriately.

Actually, the Amazon India tried hard to address all the protests by saying: ‘Sorry for inadvertently hurting your sentiments. We have escalated this to concerned team, for them to review and take appropriate action. Appreciate your understanding’.

The move of Hindu Existence Forum was also supported by the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s Revered Saint Dr. Charudutta Pingle.

From a check by the Hindu Existence Technical Team, now it is divulged  that Amazon online shopping ultimately stopped the sale of doormats with the images of Hindu deities. Amazon really blocked the pages of all the controversial doormat products as above.

‘Definitely it a victory of Hindu unity to strike down a motivated Hindu defamation by insulting more than 1 billion Hindus of the world. Hindus will protest any such move further’, said Upananda Brahmachari to HENB, New Delhi desk.

Source: Amazon stops sale of Doormats with images of Hindu deities ultimately. | Hindu Existence

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