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IIT Mandi on mission of preserving rare Pahari Painting | The News Himachal

Mandi: The art of Pahari painting is one of the finest gifts of India to the art of world. ‘Pahari’ (literal translation of hills in Hindi) painting is a collective term used to describe the miniature painting that originated in the Western Himalayan hill kingdoms in north India. The glimpses of the rich Pahari painting heritage of Himalayan region is found in the museums and art galleries for tourists, while in almost every house in the villages Pahari paintings are showcased in different forms.

Endeavoring to preserve and promote the Himalayan Culture, IIT Mandi organized a workshop on Pahari painting. Students, staff and faculty members showed interest to learn this art form. Earlier as well IIT Mandi had organized a workshop on Pahari painting.

The aim of this workshop was to keep this art thriving and to make next generation aware about this incredible heritage of Himalayas. The workshop was supervised by Dr. Ramna Thakur (Principle Investigator) and Padam Shri Vijay Sharma – a renowned Pahari painting artist.

Participants were selected on the basis of their interest in this art and taught all the traditional details of this style of painting for 11 days. They completed the training with great enthusiasm and at the end of the training they were ready with their masterpieces of Pahari paintings. 35 participants have been successfully trained, to preserve and promote this culturally rich heritage throughout the world.

Here are some of best painting from the workshop…

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin by Akansha Garg

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin by Akansha Garg


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