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HJS effect : Amazon stops selling rubber sandals with OM symbol

O Hindus, let us pay gratitude at the holy of the God for this success !

Due to protest campaign initiated by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and protests by devout Hindus throughout the world, Amazon has removed rubber sandals with OM symbol. But still they have not rendered apology to Hindus for insulting revered symbol like OM.

Protest : Now Amazon selling rubber sandals with OM symbol

After insulting Indian national flag, symbols and revered Hindu deity Shri Ganesh, now Amazon is selling rubber flip flop sandals with OM symbol. Om is considered as very much auspicious in Hindu Dharma, which represents unmanifested form of the God. By printing OM on sandals, one will put his/her feet on such sacred symbol, thereby insulting it. It also hurts religious sentiments of millions of Hindus worldwide.

Amazon is selling rubber sandals with OM symbol at the following link :

Amazon is also selling various products like bed covers, duvet covers and bedspreads; showing images of Hindu deity Ganesha; which are highly inappropriate and Hindus have urged their withdrawal sometime back.

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Now devout Hindus are protesting against Amazon on following contact details

Twitter :
Facebook :

Note : We have given the image here only for awareness purpose. We do not intend to hurt any sentiments with it.

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