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Hindu Munnani backs Isha Yoga – The Hindu

Source: Isha Foundation

Hindu Munnani has demanded action against those who spread canards against Hindu institutions and religious leaders.

In a statement, the organisation’s State president C. Subramaniam said that anti-national and anti-Hindu organisations were on a mission to defame Hindu establishments and leaders.

Those people had joined hands with a few others to protest demanding changes to religious practices followed in Tirupathi and Sabarimala temples.

The latest diatribe against Isha was just a continuation of their attacks.

Recently parents of two women who were in Isha foundation had alleged that their daughters were being held against their wishes and that the organisation’s head Jaggi Vasudev had ‘brainwashed’ them.

The pseudo secular organisations that often spoke about women’s rights should understand that the two women in question were over 18 years and had spent around seven years at Isha before choosing the monastic life.

The organisations that could not digest the growing clout and fame of Hindu organisations were spreading rumours against Isha.

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