• Photoshopped immages of clear water surfaces after Eid fiasco in Dhaka.


  • The images slamming media houses show clear water across the streets.


  • Videos show streams of flood water mingled with animal blood after Eid.

Days after images of rivers of blood on the streets of Dhaka went viral, a set of photoshopped images have surfaced trying to suggest that the photos were a false media stunt to vilify Muslims.

The new images being shared online, allegedly to malign media houses, are poorly photoshopped versions of the original images showing blood streams on Dhaka streets.

The shabbily edited images even changed the colour of posters and people in the backdrop.  While several media reported on Dhaka’s bloody streets after Eid sacrifices, and criticised the poor state of affairs in the city’s corporation, a section of miffed social media users decided to hit back by unleashing a campaign with fake images.


Interestingly, residents in the city too were outraged over the lapses in maintenance work that led to the flood-like situation on the festive occasion.

Those criticising media outlets for allegedly demonising Muslims and Eid al-Adha, however, failed to acknowledge the videos shared on social media that showed real puddles of blood mingled with rain water.

The disturbing pictures and videos that were shared following the incident triggered outrage on social media. Videos showed citizens going about their routine life wading through the bloodied waters.

A massive number of sheep, goats and cattle were slaughtered as part of Eid-al-Adha in Dhaka on September 13. As per the rituals the meat is distributed among the poor.