Despite repeated measures by the government and other agencies, people still adhere to and indulge in activities related to blind faith and black magic.

A recent incident in Ambernath of Thane district of Maharashtra brought to light a similar incident where family of a deceased youngster kept his dead body in church and prayed for almost ten days assuming that their prayers would bring him back to life.

The incident came to light only when the Ambernath police got tip off about such an act going on at the Jesus for all Nations church in Ambernath west and reached the spot after being alerted by their counterparts from Nagpada in Mumbai.

Mishakh Navhis (17) had died on October 27 after battling cancer. His father who is a Bishop with the Jesus for all Nations church in Nagpada believed that if the family prayed to Jesus and kept the dead body in their church, through some miracle the deceased boy would come back to life.

The family resides in the Chinchpokli area of Mumbai. Father of the deceased kept the body in an electrically cooled box meant for keeping corpse and conducted prayers since October 27.

Somehow the Nagpada police got a whiff of it and on November 4 they told the family to conduct last rites and not indulge in such activities.

The family then told the Nagpada Police that they would be conducting the last rites and took the body to Ambernath. However,  on Sunday the family again prayed with the belief that the boy will come back to life.

The Ambernath Police was alerted by Nagpada Police about it and when they went there, they found the body kept in the cooled electric box while the family members conducted prayers.

Police officials advised the family to conduct last rites of the body and not indulge in such practices after which the family finally took the body to Chinchpokli to carry out the last rites.

“We got information about the prayers being conducted at the Jesus for all Nations church and accordingly a team was sent there. The boy had died a natural death due to some ailment but the family believed he would come back to life if they prayed to God. They finally took the body to their residence on Sunday evening to carry out the last rites,” said Senior Police Inspector BD Wagh from Ambernath Police Station.

When contacted, the Nagpada police said that the family had finally heard their advise and conducted last rites of the deceased after ten days of prayers. No offense has been registered against the family members.