Noida: Harshu Sethi, employer of the maid whose husband led a muslim mob to Mahagun Moderne society on Wednesday morning, said she had found money being stolen from her purse frequently over the last six month since they engaged Zohra.

She said she found Rs 17,000 stolen recently and, on Tuesday evening, confronted Zohra. Harshu said when she told her she was captured on CCTV cameras stealing the money to elicit a confession from her, Zohra admitted she had taken Rs 10,000. She then allegedly urged Harshu not to report the matter to facility management of the society as she would lose jobs in all other flats she worked. Zohra also told Harshu she could adjust this against her salary.

Harshu, however, insisted she would report the matter to the facility management as it amounted to breach of trust. She said she then went inside to fetch a stole, asking Zohra to wait. But Zohra got scared and fled, leaving her mobile phone in the flat, Harshu said. She then visited reported the matter to the facility management and offered to deposit the maid’s phone. But the facility management returned the phone, saying they would handle the matter.

“Being a responsible citizen, I reported to the society management and felt the matter would be resolved,” she said.

Harshu then returned home, only to find Zohra’s husband visiting her flat later in the evening, around 9pm, with two security guards to ask about her whereabouts. Next morning, as they slept, the muslim mob attacked the society.

Malda in Noida

You concentrated on your studies, worked hard and scored a good job. You bought an expensive apartment for your family. Life's good. Then your maid from 'Religion of Peace' steals your money and then makes false accusations of abuse against you. Next day hundreds of her coreligionists gather outside your Gated community. They overwhelm the security who don't have guns and make a beeline to your apartment. Yes. They know where you live. Because you made the fatal sin of accusing a peaceful. Whether its true or false is irrelevant for them. They break into your home with every intention of lynching you, gangraping your wife and kill your children. And as you hide inside the bathroom with your terrified family and holding the door back with all your might, a terrifying thought strikes you. What if they break in?It is in that moment of terrified helplessness that you realize that nobody warned you about this. You did everything right and still, you will end up as a statistic in the dictionary of online RW. That for no fault of yours, you could lose everything.Nobody cares about you Hindu. NOBODY. Not your favorite Modiji. Or his party. You are just a nameless numbered voter to them.Just another box they have to tick. Your high paying job, your gated community and your beloved Modiji's Vikas won't help you when the barbarians descend on you. Nobody will protect you Hindu. You are on your own. This actually suits the supposedly Hindu party. Because the more Hindus die, the more afraid the rest become. They will hang on to each and every bit of straw they find in your fear you will swallow every bit of delusion the supposedly Hindu party feeds you. Because you are desperate. You desperately want to believe their BS. In your fear, the supposedly Hindu party has you by the balls. Because the possibility of their BS being wrong is so appalling to you that you just shut it out. And as long as you are paralyzed by that fear internally, you will swallow everything they feed you. Kashmiriyat being case in point. Unless Hindus shed their fear of Muslims and instead think of how to make the other side scared to even touch you, the supposedly Hindu party will bask in its TINA shield. Make them know you CAN and WILL take matters into your own hands and that you don't need their contemptuous Indulgence as protection, they will come begging to you.-@HayaGreevaPutra

Posted by Shankh Naad on Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Harshu said they were woken up by neighbours. “This was the most difficult time for us. The muslim mob broke the window panes of our flat and entered our house. We could not understand what was happening. We were also scared for the safety of our son. We locked ourselves in the washroom for an hour,” she said. Society residents rescued the family through the back door. Harshu said she believed Zohra had hatched the plot with her family and relatives. “She worked in several other houses in Moderne. Why did her husband come only to our flat?” she asked.