After the massive devastating earthquake, images and news from Nepal shocked people around the world.

However, it is said that Christian Missionaries were engaged in ‘selling Jesus and Christianity,’ in the midst of all these turmoil, tragedies and tears. It took people by surprise since several of these individuals and associations are influential and communicate with many people through social media and other channels.

One of the most disturbing messages common in many tweets was stress on Christ and Christianity by pointing out the helplessness of other religions like Hinduism and Islam.

Some of the tweets were as follows:

“1400 souls dead in Nepal and climbing, I wonder how many of those heard the Gospel? #PrayersForNepal #PrayForGospelMovement”

“MASSIVE 7.8 EARTHQUAKE STRIKES NEPAL. More signs of the soon return of Jesus Christ.”“Devastating Nepal earthquake could have been prayed down by acknowledging that Christ is the ruler of God’s creation Matt 18:19-20, Rev 3:14”

“I learn in #Nepal Christianity is 1.3% Islam is 30% the rest are Hindus ….. A life without Christ is full of Crises”

“Praying for the country of Nepal…may this tragedy be an open door for many to receive the gospel!”

“Reading Matthew 24 and praying for Nepal. Creation groans today, but future hope is found in Christ alone.”

“Earthquakes and death are proof that we live in a fallen world that awaits its restoration by Jesus when he returns.”

“Sad to know about Nepal.May the Lord comfort those who lost their loved ones  due to Earth Quake.Jesus is Coming Soon!”

These tweets should’t be overlooked with the assumption that these may propagate animosity.

If ignored, these people will degrade the efforts of organizations and governments working for people and they will also tactfully idealize the adversity of people for their malicious benefit.


Source: When Nepal was Groaning in Earthquake, Christian Missionaries are busy Promoting Christianity?