The Rajasthan government has asked students of government and private schools to visit a ‘Spiritual Fair’ being held in Jaipur. The organisers of the Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair, a five-day fair which began on November 16, are contacting schools to send students to the fair.

Several pamphlets being distributed at the fair raising concern about love jihad by Muslims and accuse them of trying to woo Hindu girls with an agenda of converting them to Islam.

The pamphlets being distributed by activist lists out ways of how Muslim men indulge in Love Jihad and also ways to prevent it.

According to the pamphlet titled Jihad and Love Jihad: Hindu girls beware, Muslim men are out on a ‘Love Jihad’ mission and mentions the ways in which they lure girls into converting to Islam.

The pamphlets further mention that Muslim boys gain entry into Hindu households, chat with girls in separate room, proclaim themselves as Hindus, tie red thread on their hands (kalava), run around doing their chores, indulge in intimate talks with girls.


The pamphlet further says that the girl elopes against her famiy’s wishes to marry the Muslim guy.

The Assistant District Education Officer (ADEO) Deepak Shukla, while speaking to India Today, mentioned, “Orders were given by (Education minister) Vasudev Devnani asking students to visit the fair. Students of both private and government schools have been asked to visit.”

One of the sections in the pamphlet being distributed gives instructions on “how to save your daughter/sister from Love Jihad”. The pamphlet goes on to say that actors like Aamir Khan and Saif Ali Khan marry Hindu girls, ensnare them and then desert them. It further says that Muslim men, generally, sell girls and kill them in some cases.



According to the pamphlet, one of the ways we can know if a girl is falling prey to Love Jihad is by checking her notebooks, phones.

“Check your daughter’s mobile phone, who does she call, whose numbers are saved in the mobile, what and who do they text, checking all this will give you a lot of information,” reads the pamphlet.

The pamphlet also goes on to say that celebrating Hindu festivals with all rituals will also help prevent Hindu girls from falling for Muslim men. It further lists the money a Muslim man receives on converting a Hindu woman to Islam.

Former HRD Minister Shashi Tharoor speaking on students being made to attend the fair said that “it shouldn’t be made compulsory”. ”

There is nothing wrong in attending the spiritual fair, but using such material isn’t fair. Love Jihad has been blown out of proportion and action should be taken against spreading hate”, Tharoor added.